Augusta Westland AW139 Night Vision Compatibility

AW139, currently, from off the top of my head, there are about 10 in the country, 3 with EMQ (Emergency Management Queensland) and a couple based at CHC YSBK  with the Air Ambulance and the rest are either on mines or doing offshore rigs.

These aircraft are pricey, however you do get a pretty premium package if you can see past some of the minor issues they have had in the past. The one thing I do love about these machines is the really modern, up to date cockpit and avionics, although I would feel a bit more at ease knowing there was a mechanical instrument in there somewhere 🙂 Even the poor old standby attitude indicator is an electronic display!

Nonetheless, making these aircraft NVG compatible is pretty easy, they are more or less pretty well compatible outta the factory, excluding a few non compliant items and all the local mods its pretty well ready to.

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