Backup / Replacement Gateway – 1RU PIII 733

dsc07455.JPGSlowing starting to get tired of a flaky extremely cheap duron piece of crap as the proxy server, firewall and gateway…with that said I am still using the machine 🙂

Nontheless, and for the sake of a play with a 1RU server, I picked one of these older whitebox style machines off ebay for 40 odd dollars. The bloody thing sound very sick when I first fired it up so there was nothing to do but pull it apart for a look 🙂

These 1RU machines use very fast 40mm fans which kinda suck from the silent point of view and this machien used very cheap thin 40mm fans. Out with those and in with some old semi decent 40mm x 20mm guys running at a reduced voltage and things started to sound a bit better, the loudest item is the PSU now.


Neatened all the cabling up wacked a freeesssh coy of fedora core 7 on and off we went, surprisingly enough sitting at the very bottom of the rack this bad boy was very quiet…however after a few test runs the ambient temperature inside the case was 30 degrees…..not so crash hot….forgive the pun, especially in the tail end of winter…

So…. still working on the cooling issues (note though the CPU was not that hot, as one would expect from a under used PIII733) and am looking to get two HDD’s in there so I can dual boot debian and IPCOP


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