So i’m trawling the FB feed for something interesting when I come across this mad bioluminescence at Jervis Bay, apparently its somewhat common around this time of year, i thought, that looks awesome i gotta get me some of that action.

Its a bit of a road trip so I really needed a reality check at this point , so i message the rodinator (Rodney Campbell) expecting some common sense along the lines of ‘gerry thats a dumb idea to drive hours to try and see some blue crap in ocean’. However rather than that sensible approach I pretty much get a ‘ bags packed lets go’ ..

Needless to say, by the time we got there, there was nothing but the faintest hint of blue bio barely visible to eye.

However, luckily there was a contingency plan, perfect clear skies, and moon less night meant it was astro and light painting time.

This little broken lighthouse is located on the cliff at the southern end of Jervis Bay, guarded by killer wallabies and spiders with glow in the dark eyes… perfect for some light painting shenanigans. The only real problem is that its really fing dark when there is no moon couple this with navigating over building rubble and I’m not really sure how we got out of here without a trip to the ER for a busted something.

We got a little carried away with the EL wire on the second shot….but you need to use it to light the way some you do not fall over and crack ya head 🙂

Cape St George Light House.

Here’s some fun facts..

– The Lighthouse was built in the wrong spot ’cause the contractors wanted it closer to the quarry.
– The location was determined (after it was built) that it could not actually be seen from the northern or southern approaches to the bay !
– They destroyed the light house by using it as live target by the Navy.. that would have been fun 🙂

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