So, after a pretty cool weekend which involved street food markets, kids, sunrise and planes and long queues (at both the street markets, Addison Road Centre I am looking at you here 😉 and the airshow – i waited 20 minutes for a coffee 🙂 ) I jumped on the train to head to work and tap my Opal Card (transport card) only to see it flash -$40 and a low balance – geez man… I thought that last trip musta been a cracker for that amount 😉 anyway after getting on the train I fired up the website and tried to login… "Blocked, please call 13 67 25" to unblock.. wtf ?

no probs I thought, I'll ring 13 67 25 (notice I have typed that twice now, I have it mesmerized now cause of the large number of times I called it 😉

So I ring the Opal Customer Care number and its a completely automated self service system, no option to talk to a operator and no option to unblock your account, yes, i tried all the menus, 3 times 😉

So in frustration and in the need to vent, I rang the Transport hotline and spoke to a very nice young chap (these people are under appreciated) who said, you need to press '0' when you ring 13 67 25 to go direct to a operator, righto I says, and ring back the 13 67 25 number and double check see if that menu is read out, nope.. anyways, pressed 'zero' and life was grand again after speaking to another nice operator, who I also politely mentioned to that their automated system did not provide a option to speak to a operator..he was very helpful accepted my feedback 🙂 normal programming resumed 🙂

onto much more interesting things 🙂 my blocked opal card inspired me to process this image which I titled it Blocked – the rain squalls and heavy cloud held back what was a pretty epic sunrise and after a few minutes won the battle and forced the sun into grey submission…

Exif love:
3 image blend
D750 coupled with Nikkor 16-35 mm f4 @ 16mm Aperture: f16 and Shutter Speed: 14s (under) 22.7 (normal) and 63.19s (over)
ISO 100
Out front – Hoya CPL

18 thoughts on “Blocked

  1. In my experience all automated lines refuse to let you into the secret of pressing 0 to speak to a human being. And as someone with vocal problems, many of the automated systems cannot understand me before I can get to the point of pressing 0. Blocked your card may have been, although I am amazed that anyone can have a negative balance on a transport card unless the system is a bit dodgy, but this image is the complete opposite of blocked. Instead, it everything to do with the freedom of the wild places – or beach and shore – when the light is warm and glowing and you feel like nothing on earth matters for just those few moments of glory.

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