Bundjalung and the Evans River

The Evans Head region is generally accepted as being an area of significant cultural and historical heritage for Aboriginal people. It is evident that the entire region, stretching North to Ballina, West to Casino and South to Iluka was an important gathering place for the Bundjalung people. The Goanna Headland and its surrounds is a significant site, being the subject of complex series of spiritual/creation stories located on the upper north coast and therefore of spiritual significance for the local Bundjalung descendants.

The Bundjalung people used to hunt, fish and gather shellfish from the river estuary and also utilised the diversity of plant foods available. Shell middens and flaked stone artifacts have been recorded and studied in the area reflecting the high use intensity.

Traditional knowledge indicates that the Evans Head area is also significant due to previous use as a ceremonial ground and for collection of orche from Red Hill. An 1840s massacre site is also located within the locality. The locality was used as a camping and holiday ground for Bundjalung descendants until the 1960s.

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