Can't see the forest for the trees

What really caught my attention with these trees, common paperbark trees (which are not actually that common 'cause all the bush has been cut down πŸ™ ) was the fact on this side of the road there had been a bushfire which had gone thru blackening the trunks, but on the other side were virgin untouched trees, it was a real cool contrast, guess ya had to be there huh πŸ™‚

One thing which was very neat, there was nobody around for miles πŸ™‚ the quiet, the serenity.. simply put.. awesome

9 shot Panorama (vertical composition)
Techie data:
D7000 with Nikkor 17-55mm f2.8 @ 17mm – Aperture: f/8 and Shutter Speed: 1/90s seconds
out front – HoyaFilters CPL and lots of dry paperbark trees.

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