Castle Location Checklist


To be fair this not really a castle, more of a hunting lodge or weekender 🙂

– water source, check.
– local forest for timber, check.
– rolling hills, check.
– meandering driveway, check.

When passing places like this (on the road to Braemer) I often wondered how different the scene would have looked 300 years ago, probably in this case, not all that different, a few different trees and more or less vegetation on the hills but i reckon its not changed much…

We had just punched out a pretty big drive (for scotland anyway) and the troops were getting pretty restless with any suggestion of me stopping the van for anything other than a toilet break 🙂 however as we came across the crest of a hill there was no way I was leaving this spot untouched by my camera

10 thoughts on “Castle Location Checklist

  1. This was one I liked in the thumbnail but which made me gasp with awe upon seeing the full screen image. It has an almost abstract sense of line, colour, and gradient that almost convinced me that this was done with oils on canvass. The shading on the distant hills is simply magnificent, as is the image as a whole. Kudos to your intrepid traveling team for allowing Dad to take the time on a long journey to take this awe inspiring image.

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