Dad's little helper

Little E helping out finishing off a little project. Shes such a great little work companion, so happy to sit and watch, but ya gotta keep everything at arms length, shes got a mean grip on her and when shes got something she definitely does not like to let it go. We needed to have a little discussion about how vernier calipers are not appropriate for the under 6months olds 😉

A little sneak peak at what we were working on :).
La Pavoni rebuild with a side project of 3D CAD modelling the whole thing…really, every little part 🙂

In Album 28/11/2017

4 thoughts on “Dad's little helper

  1. +Gerard Blacklock So important to introduce them to good coffee equipment early Gerard 🙂 My Pavoni is in desperate need of a service, going in next week, usually replace seals after 2-3 years but it's my only source of good coffee in the Highlands so it gets a strenuous workout everyday 🙂

  2. +Chris Sutton very true mate! you send it to Nadile at Annandale ? I love these machines, the one I have modelled here is my first one which I am rebuilding and cleaning, whilst I had it all apart i thought it would be the best time to measure it all up and 3d model it 🙂 plus that helps me remember how it all goes back together, particularly the wiring 🙂 Which La Pavoni you have ?

  3. +Gerard Blacklock Yep, Vera and Marcello look after it for me. The model I've got is a Professional, had it for over 25 years, it would have processed well over half a ton of beans in that time 🙂 Look forward to seeing more shots of the project, and we should catch up for a coffee soon.

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