Deceptive little puddles

This image is a rare example where I have used Nik HDR efex pro 2 to automatically blend the image, in recent months/year i have been much more inclined to manually blend exposures in photoshop to obtain the required dynamic range i have found this gives complete control over process and i can dictate exactly how i want the dynamic range to look rather than relying on a program algorithm or preset to decide.

That said, i have become partial to the Nik HDR efex pro 2 plugin for PS since it often (not always) generates a fairly decent image which i can then edit as desired in my normal processing software/method. I find the 'balanced' or 'neutral' preset seems to give me the best latitude to do as I wish and it is more time efficient than manually blending 🙂

This image was 3 automatically bracket images varying from 1/2 second to 8 second shutter speed. f/16 @12mm focal length
Circular Polariser, and LEE Graduated 0.9 filter

I was waiting for a nice wave to flow right up the channel but ran out of time and patience.

See these dinky little rock pools with the glassy reflections? these are guaranteed shoe soakers…the ones with the all sandy bottoms are the worst, looks like dry sand to the casual glance until 'splash' i had two wet shoes for the next day of camping thanks to one of these 🙂

I love reading the comments that people leave and I welcome any suggestions, comments and improvements to my photography, they are always warmly welcomed and in my opinion everyone has a valid point of view irrespective of skill and experience.

40 thoughts on “Deceptive little puddles

  1. I think it's still a great photo. I think I see a few small waves along the shore. =)

    Better still though, the colors and textures caught from all the rocks, sand and other vegetation and plantlife here in the foreground. As well as the most gorgeous pink and blue skies. I think it's a fantastic photo +Gerard Blacklock.

  2. Very nice work, +Gerard Blacklock, as is all of your imagery:) Thank you for the details and thought process regarding blend tool choice and post. There are a lot of options to contemplate when composing, photographing, and processing scenes such as this one. I am looking forward to when I have more time to explore these options and tools. One of the biggest problems I have when photographing and blending ocean scenes, or creating panoramic ocean views, is that those darn waves move! 😉 Of course, longer exposures can mitigate this to some extent, but at the loss of sharp wave details.

  3. Thankyou +Souri Sengdara I have seen pictures of Cape Schank and it looks like a awesome location, the whole peninsula down there is pretty good I hear.
    I reckon you have some cracking images in your stream, i have added you to my Aussie tog circle 🙂

  4. Thankyou +Richard Creamer , yes the waves always present challenges for this, hence the manual blending can be a better option. Pano's are particularly hard – one thing to try is capture a few wave sets then join up frames such that the waves match, i have had a little success with this…
    Thanks for taking the time to look and comment

  5. Nicely worked +Gerard Blacklock – that front pool is pretty epic and great clarity from the CPL to look right in – altho (and given that I've not actually been here so I have no idea whats there :)) but I reckon maybe a compo rotated slightly to the right and a step to the left to still include that pool on the left?

  6. Very nicely done. I use HDR Efex fairly often myself, but seem to be more and more dissatisfied with how it leaves the skies looking while the foreground works well. I'll have to invest a little more time and do some manual blending to ultimately get the final look I want.

  7. +Jon Fischer
    it does take some experience to pick the right images to use with HDR efex, i also have found sometimes it does not do what I want 🙂 with that said, i do not delve that deeply into all the adjustments merely use it to generate the automatic blended image such that i can the edit in my normal process style.

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