its a long walk home when the location is crap and the sunrise even crappy-er 😉

Some-days it just ain't on and on this day it was certainly not on, however on the bright side whilst walking back +Rodney Campbell noticed this curvy path which begged to be photographed, all we need now is a real model (no offense Rod) and some sweet light

Exif/setup love:
D750 coupled with 70-200mm f2.8 @ 200mm (thanks +Cameron Fong ) Aperture: f/4 and Shutter Speed: 1/400s
ISO 500

27 thoughts on “Disappointed

  1. I do not understand the disappointment, so beautiful place, I only see interesting details all around and I think that anyone who would like to take this long way home! 🙂 Great capture!

  2. Nice B&W mate! That winding path sure leads your eyes on a meandering journey through the image! Hey, to come away from a disappointing morning with some rather nice shots is yge sign of a good tog! 😉

  3. +Rodney Campbell i messed most the others up.. just the timing with teh steps etc.. there was one where you were perfectly placed on the path and with teh right step and the focus was off …grrrr.
    I see some serious lightpainting potential here 🙂

  4. All part of our stomping grounds! Also, Christele needs to go outside every day or she becomes not unlike a cranky caged pit viper. Thus we have traversed Sydney just about everywhere you can imagine. 😄

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