Distorted Bangers

I learnt a new trick in PS today, perspective warp. Rather than relying on the automatic tools of lightroom, which by the way does quite a good job anyway, I thought I would have a crack at doing it manually, mainly since lightroom just could not quite get it right for me 🙂 . I reckon the perspective warp in PS could pretty well correct any image, in this image the focal length is quite wide hence you get quite a bit of distortion which makes the buildings look as if they are falling backwards, I wanted to correct the image and give it more of a flat view which you see when using a longer focal length.

The perspective warp tool in PS uses a series of boxes with grids to then push and pull the image, using a series of these grids you can effectively 'tilt' the image forward, much like you can in lightroom however with alot control.

So here we have it, corrected Barangaroo, the now dominant player in the skyline.

17 thoughts on “Distorted Bangers

  1. Nicely corrected – a good result 🙂
    Photoshop CC gives you much greater control over perspective warp (although i spent a lot of time adjusting the advanced settings to use hardware acceleration to get the option to light up). I quite like the manual Lightroom CC process as well (Develop : Transform : Upright : Guided : Vertical)

  2. Great result +Gerard Blacklock​, I admit that I've never used these tools (the only "fixes" I use are lens correction by profile selection and chromatic aberration fix).
    Did you notice some sort of image softening or any detail loss when you modified the perspective? At pixel level I suspect that this push-pull work "squashes" the tiniest details, am I wrong?
    Have a nice weekend 😉

  3. Thanks +Claudio Beffa , yeah and they mostly work fine. In terms of teh detail, in this image I did not notice any at all, there is still some distortion/weirdness around the tower and also the water level is slightly off, but in terms of pixel level detail, I have not noticed anything untoward. I think the usual levels and curves do more damage ot the pixels than the distortion adjustment.
    I hope you also have a great weekend mate.

  4. That's brilliant. It did a perfect job of making the buildings stand up as they should. I didn't know that because I don't take enough photos to make it worth my while to subscribe to the Adobe cloud service. My LR5 is quite enough for me to process that rare photos that I take. But this sounds like a huge improvement on what was available on Photoshop CS5 which is the last version I purchased.

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