Don't jump in the puddle

Curtis falls is one of the many falls in and around the surrounds of Brisbane, Curtis falls does have a edge over some of the others since its easily accessible, particularly for young kids. We had driven up here for a look and the moment we got out the car it had started to rain 🙂 nicely played I say, thats gonna make for a half decent shot, thoughts of misty falls and soft lighting were washing over me 🙂

Its only a 5 minute walk down through the semi rainforest and Chaos had elected to say with me whilst I took a few shots, she should really know better by now that its never 5 minutes 🙂 Tickles and mum went for a walk to find the giant strangler fig, they are smart cookies and known when not to wait 🙂

Anyways chaos was very patience and only had one question, 'can i take my shoes and go for a splash' ? the answer was no, however with no reason, which was probably my downfall, 2 minutes later here is chaos splashing in every muddy puddle with her shoes on 🙂 worked great to get those other tourists to move on 🙂 and at least she was not in the big pond i suppose…

after we had walked back and gotten to the car, the obligatory leech inspection was due, if only I had said 'you will get leeches on ya if you jump in the creek and puddles' we might have had a somewhat drier pair of shoes, tights and shirt 🙂

for the record, i did not get any leeches 🙂

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