Drafting Acroynms

2-PSS: Two-Part Polysulfide Sealant
2-PUMS: Two-Part Polyurethane Modified Sealant
@ At (the rate of)
& And
” Inch; Ditto (which means “same as above”)
# Number. or Pound
[circle with diagonal slash through it] Diameter, Round, Phase

A: Area, Ampere; Acre; Alcove; Compressed Air Line
AB: Anchor Bolt; Asbestos Board
ABV: Above

AC: Air Conditioning, Alternating Current, Acoustical
ACC: Access
ACF: Architectural Concrete Finish
ACFL: Access Floor
ACI: American Concrete Institute
ACL: Across the Line
ACOUST: Acoustical
ACPL: Acoustical Plaster
ACR: Acrylic
ACST: Acoustic
ACT: Acoustical Tile; Actual
AD: Access Door, Area Drain
ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act of 1992
ADAAG: Americans with Disabilities Act Architectural Guidelines
ADD: Addendum; Addition
ADDL: Additional
ADH: Adhesive
ADJ: Adjust, Adjustable, Adjacent
AF: Above the Floor
AFF: Above Finished Floor
AGA: American Gas Association
AGG: Aggregate
AGGR: Aggregate
AIA: American Institute of Architects, American Insurance Association
AIC: Amperes Interrupting Circuit
AIEE: American Institute of Electrical Engineers
AISC: American Institute of Steel Construction
AL: Aluminum
ALM: Alarm
ALT: Alternate, Alteration; Altitude
ALUM: Aluminum
ALS: Acrylic Latex Sealant
AMB: Ambient
AMP: Ampere, Ampacity
AMPY: Ampere
AMT: Amount
AN: Anode
ANCH: Anchor, Anchorage
ANN: Annunciator
ANOD: Anodized
ANT: Antenna
AP: Access Panel
APPD: Approved
APPROX: Approximate
APRVD: Approved
APT: Apartment
APX: Approximate
AR: Acid Resisting
ARCH: Architect, Architectural
ARS: Asbestos Roof Shingles
AS: Acoustic Sealant
ASB: Asbestos
ASC: Above Suspended Ceiling
ASCE: American Society of Civil Engineers
ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASPH: Asphalt
ASSEM: Assemble
ASSOC: Association; Associate
ASSY: Assembly
ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials
AT: Acoustical Tile; Asphalt Tile
ATC: Acoustical Tile Ceiling
ATTEN: Attenuation
ATM: Automatic Teller Machine; Atmospheric
AUTH: Authorized
AUTO: Automatic
AVG: Average
AW: Acid Waste
AWG: American Wire Gauge
AWM: Automatic Washing Machine
AWS: American Welding Society
AWWA: American Water Works Association
AX: Axis

B: Boiler, Bathroom, Bidet
B TO B: Back to Back
B & B: Balled and Burlapped, Bell and Bell
B & F: Bell and Flange
B & S: Bell and Spigot, Brown & Sharp
B/: Bottom (of)
BBD: Bulletin Board
BA: Bulb Angle
BAL: Balance, Ballast
BAF: Baffle
BB: Buffalo Box, Ball Bearing,, Bulletin Board
BBL: Barrel
BC: Broom Closet
BD: Board, Blow Down (pipe)
BDL: Bundle
BDY: Boundary
BDRM: Bedroom
BEL: Below
BET: Between
BETW: Between
BEV: Bevel
BF: Board Foot, Back Face, Bottom Face, Both Faces, Boiler Feed
BG: Bag (e.g., of cement)
BHP: Brake Horsepower
BHD: Bulkhead
BIT: Bituminous
BJF: Bituminous Joint Filler
BKR: Breaker
BL: Base Line, Building Line, Block
BLDG: Building
BLK: Block
BLKG: Blocking
BLO: Blower
BLR: Boiler
BLT: Borrowed Lite, Bullet Tips (Hinges)
BLT-IN: Built-In
BM: Beam, Bench Mark
BMT: Butyl Mastic Tape Sealant
BN: Bullnose
BNDG: Bending (re-bars)
BNT: Bent
BO: Blow Off
BOT: Bottom
BP: Base Plate, Blueprint, Bypass
BPL: Bearing Plate
BR: Bedroom, Brick, Brass, Boiler Room Branch
BRDG: Bridge, Bridging
BRG: Bearing
BRK: Brick
BRKR: Breaker
BRKT: Bracket
BRS: Butyl Rubber Sealant, Brass
BRZ: Bronze
BRZG: Brazing
BS: Both Sides, Backset, Bluestone
BSMT: Basement
BT: Bathtub, Bolt
BTR: Better
BTU: British Thermal Units
BTUH: British Thermal Units per Hour
BUR: Built-up Roof
BUZ: Buzzer
BV: Butterfly Valve
BVL: Bevelled
BW: Both Ways
BWV: Back Water Valve
BYP: By Pass

C: Courses, Curb, Channel, Degrees Celsius, Clock Outlet, Calcimine
C/C: Center to Center
C TO C: Center to Center
CA: Compressed Air
CAB: Cabinet
CAD: Cadmium, Computer-Aided Drafting
CAIS: Caisson
CAP: Capacity
CAR: Carpet
CARP: Carpenter
CAT: Catalog
CAV: Cavity
CB: Catch Basin, Concrete Block,
Cast Brass, Coal Bin
CBL: Concrete Block
CBX: Cast Box Strike
CC: Cubic Centimeter
CCT: Circuit
CCW: Counter Clockwise
CCTV: Closed Circuit TV
CD: Cold Drawn, Cadmium
CDS: Cold Drawn Steel
CEL: Cellar
CEM: Cement
CEM AB: Cement Asbestos Board
Cem P: Cement Water Paint
CER: Ceramic
CF: Cubic Feet
CFL: Counterflashing
CFM: Cubic Feet per Minute
CFS: Cubic Feet per Second
CFT: Cubic Foot
CG: Corner Guard
CH: Coat Hook
CHB: Chalk Board
CHR: Chilled Water Return
CHAM: Chamfer
CHAN: Channel
CHBD: Chalkboard
CHS: Chilled Water Supply
C.I.: Cast Iron
CI: Cast Iron
CIN BL: Cinder Block
CIP: Cast Iron Pipe, Cast-in-Place
CIR: Circle, Circular, Circuit
CIRC: Circumference
CISP: Cast Iron Soil/sewer Pipe
CITG: Clear Insulating Tempered Glass
CJ: Control Joint
CJF: Cork Joint Filler
CK: Caulking
CKT: Circuit
CL: Centerline, Clearance, Closing, Closure, Class, Closet
CLG: Ceiling
CLKG: Caulking
CLH: Clothes Line Hook
CLL: Contract Limit Line
CLO: Closet
CLP: Clamp
CLR: Clear
CLR OPG: Clear Opening
CLS: Closure
CM: Circular Mil (1/1000 inch),
Center Matched
CMP: Corrugated Metal Pipe
CMT: Ceramic Mosaic Tile
CMU: Concrete Masonry Unit
CMUP: Concrete Masonry Unit Painted
CND: Condition, Conduit
CNDS: Condensate
CNTR: Center, Counter
CNVR: Conveyor
COAX: Coaxial
C.O.: Cased Opening
CO: Company, Cleanout, Cased Opening, Cut Out
COD: Cleanout Door
CO & DP: Cleanout & Deck Plate
COEF: Coefficient
COL: Column
COM: Common
COMB: Combination, Combustion
COML: Commercial
COMM ED: Commonwealth Edison
COMP: Composition, Compressed
COMPO: Composition
COMPT: Compartment
CON: Construction
CONC: Concrete
CONCP: Concrete Painted
COND: Condenser, Conduit
CONN: Connection
CONST: Construction
CONSTR: Construction
CONT: Continuous, Continue, Control
CONTR: Contractor
CONV: Convector, Convenience
COP: Copper
COR: Corner, Corridor
CORR: Corridor, Corrugate
COV: Cover
CP: Cathodic Protection, Clothes Pole, Cesspool
CPE: Chlorinated Polyethylene
CPL: Cement Plaster
CPP: Cement Plaster Painted
CPR: Copper
CPT: Carpet
CR: Chromium (plated), Curtain Rod
CRPT: Carpet
CRS: Course, Cold Rolled Steel
CS: Countersink, Cast Steel, Cast Stone, Commercial Standard
CSG: Casing
CSK: Countersink
CSMT: Casement
CSN: Caisson
CSS: Countersunk Screw
CSTG: Casting
CT: Ceramic Tile, Cork Tile,
Cone Tip (hinges)
CTD: Coated
CTR: Center, Counter
CTSC: Communications Systems Terminal Cabinet
CTSK: Countersunk
CTWT: Counterweight
CU: Copper, Cubic, Coefficient of Utilization
CU. FT.: Cubic Feet
CU. YD.: Cubic Yard
CUR: Current
CV: Check Valve
CW: Clockwise, Cold Water
CWP: Circulating Water Pump
CWR: Condensate Waste Return
CWS: Condensate Waste Supply
CY: Cubic Yard, Cycle
CYL: Cylinder
CYL L: Cylinder Lock

D: Deep, Depth, Drop, Drain
D & M: Dressed & Matched
DA: Double Acting
DB: Decibel
DBL: Double
DBT: Drybulb Temperature
DC: Direct Current
DCV: Detector Check Valve
DD: Driveway Drain, Deck Drain
DEG: Degree
DEGC: Degree Celcius
DEGF: Degree Farenheit
DEM: Demolish
DEMO: Demolition
DEP: Dpressed
DEPT: Department
DET: Detail
DF: Drinking Fountain
DH: Double Hung
DIAG: Diagonal
DIA: Diameter
DIAM: Diameter
DIFF: Diffuser
DIM: Dimension
DISL: Disposal
DISP: Dispenser
DIV: Division
DL: Dead Load
DMH: Drop Manhole
DMT: Demountable
DN: Down
DO: Ditto, or Door Opening
DP: Dampproofing, Dew Point, Distribution Panel
DPDT: Double Pole Double Throw
DPST: Double Pole Single Throw
DPR: Damper
DR: Door, Drain, Dining Room
DRBD: Drainboard
DS: Downspout, Disconnect Switch, Door Switch
DSP: Dry Standpipe
DT: Drain Tile
DTL: Detail
DVTL: Dovetail
DW: Dumbwaiter, Distilled Water
DWG: Drawing
DWGS: Drawings
DWL: Dowel
DWP: Drywall, Painted
DWR: Drawer
DS: Downspout
DSP: Dry Standpipe
DX: Direct Expansion, Duplex

E: East, Enamel, Exhaust
E TO E: End to End
EA: Each
EB: Expansion Bolt
EC: Exposed Construction
ECC: Eccentric
ECP: Exposed Construction Painted
EDR: Equivalent Direct Radiation
EE: Each End
EF: Each Face
EFTS: Expanding Foam Tape Sealant
EG: Edge Grain
EIFS: Exterior Insulation and Finish System
EJ: Expansion Joint
EJECT: Ejector
EL: Elevation, Elevator
ELB: Elbow
ELEC: Electrical
ELECT: Electrical
ELEV: Elevator, Elevation
ELP: Emergency Lighting Panel
EM: Emergency
EMER: Emergency
ENAM: Enamel
ENCL: Enclosure
ENG: Engineer
ENGR: Engineer
ENJF: Expanded Neoprene Joint Filler
ENT: Entrance
ENTR: Entrance
EP: Electrical Panelboard, Explosion Proof
EPDM: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer
EPJF: Expanded Polyethelene Joint Filler
EQ: Equal
EQP: Equipment
EQPT: Equipment
EQUIP: Equipment
ERP: Emergency Receptacle Panel
ESC: Escalator
EST: Estimate
EVAP: Evaporator
EW: Each Way
EWC: Electric Water Cooler
EW & C: Electric Wiring and Communication
EWH: Electric Water Heater
EX: Exposed Construction, Exit
EXC: Excavate
EXCAV: Excavate
EXEC: Executive
EXG: Existing
EXH: Exhaust
EXH AIR: Exhaust Air
EXIST: Existing
EXP: Expansion, Exposed
EXPN: Expansion
EXPP: Existing Patched and Painted
EXS: Extra Strong
EXT: Exterior, Extinguish
EXTR: Extrude

F: Degrees Fahrenheit, Fuse
F TO F: Face to Face
FA: Fire Alarm, Fresh Air
FAB: Fabricate
FABR: Fabricate
FACP: Fire Alarm Control Panel
FAG: Fire Alarm Gong
FAO: Finish All Over
FAR: Floor Area Ratio
FAST: Fastener, Fasten
FB: Flat Bar, Face Brick, Floor Box
FBD: Fiberboard
FBM: Foot Board Measure
FBP: Fabric Panel
FBRK: Fire Brick
FC: File Cabinet, Foot Candle, Fault Current
FD: Floor drain
FDC: Fire Department Connection
FDN: Foundation
FDTN: Foundation
FE: Fire Extinguisher
FEC: Fire Extinguisher Cabinet
FF: Far Face, Finished Floor, Factory Finish
FFE: Finished Floor Elevation
FF&E: Fixtures, Furnishings & Equipment
FFL: Finished Floor Line
FGL: Fiberglass
FGR: Fiberglass reinforced
FH: Flat Head, Fire Hose
FHC: Fire Hose Cabinet
FHMS: Flat head machine screw
FHR: Fire Hose Rack
FHS: Fire Hose Station
FHWS: Flat Head Wood Screw
FHY: Fire Hydrant
FIL: Fillet
FIN: Finish, finished
FITG: Fitting
FIX: Fixture
FIXT: Fixture
FL: Floor, Fire Line
FLASH: Flashing
FLG: Flooring
FLEX: Flexible
FLG: Flange, Flashing, Flooring
FLR: Floor
FLUOR: Fluorescent
FLX: Flexible
FM: Fire Main, Factory Mutual Company
FND: Feminine Napkin Dispenser, Foundation
FO: Finished Opening
FOB: Free On Board
FOC: Face of Concrete
FOF: Face of Finish
FOS: Face of Studs
FP: Fireproof
FPL: Fireplace
FPM: Feet per minute
FPRF: Fireproof
FPS: Feet per Second
FR: Frame, Front, Fire Riser
FRG: Forged
FRM: Frame
FRPF: Fireproof
FRT: Fire Retardant
FS: Full Size, Far Side, Federal Standards, Fused Switch, Floor Sink
FSCW: Flush Solid Core Wood
FT: Foot, Feet, Fully Tempered
FTG: Footing, Fitting
FUR: Furred
FURN: Furnish, Furniture
FURR: Furring
FUT: Future
FVC: Fire Valve Cabinet

G: Gas, Girder, Gutter, Gram
GA: Gauge, Gage
GAGE: Gauge
GAL: Gallon
GALV: Galvanized
GB: Grab Bar, Glass Block, Gypsum Board
GC: General Contractor
GCMU: Glazed Concrete Masonry Unit
GD: Guard, Grade, Gutter Drain
GEN: General, Generator
GENL: General
GF: Ground Face
GFCI: Ground Fault Circuit Interrupted
GFI: Ground Fault Interrupted
GFRC: Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
GI: Galvanized Iron
GKT: Gasket
GL: Glass
GL BLK: Glass Block
GLB: Glass Block
GLVA: Globe Valve
GLZ: Glaze
GMU: Glazed Masonry Unit
GND: Ground
GOVT: Government
GP: Galvanized Pipe
GPDW: Gypsum Drywall
GPH: Gallons Per Hour
GPL: Gypsum Lath
GPM: Gallons Per Minute
GPP: Gypsum Plaster Painted
GPPL: Gypsum Plaster
GPS: Gallons Per Second
GR: Grade, Grille, Granite
GRAN: Granular, Granite
GRND: Ground
GRTG: Grating
GSS: Galvanized Sheet Steel
GSU: Glazed Structural Unit
GT: Grout
GV: Galvanized
GVA: Gate Valve
GVL: Gravel
GYP: Gypsum
GYP BD: Gypsum Board

H: High
HA: Hectare
HB: Hose Bib
HBD: Hardboard
HC: Hollow Core, Handicapped (better called Accessible”)
HCT: Hollow Clay Tile
HD: Head, Heavy Duty
HDCP: Handicapped (better called “Accessible”)
HDN: Harden
HDR: Header
HDW: Hardware
HDWD: Hardwood
HDWE: Hardware
HEX: Hexagonal
HGR: Hanger
HGT: Height
HH: Handhole
HHMB: Hex Head Machine Bolt
HID: High Intensity Discharge
HK: Hook or Hooks
HKD: Hooked (re-bars)
HL: Hydrant Line
HM: Hollow Metal
HMP: Hollow Metal, Painted
HNCG: Hollow Neoprene Compression Gasket
HOR: Horizontal
HORIZ: Horizontal
HOSP: Hospital
HP: High Point, High Pressure, Horse Power
HPS: High Pressure Sodium, High Pressure Steam
HR: Hour
HRS: Hot Rolled Steel, Hours
HS: Heat Strengthened
HSG: Housing
HT: Height, Heat, High Tension Duct
HTG: Heating
HTR: Heater
HTW: High Temperature Water
HV: High Voltage
HVAC: Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning
HVY: Heavy
HW: Hot Water, Heavy Wall
HWC: Hot Water Circulating, Heavy Wall Conduit
HWD: Hardwood
HWH: Hot Water Heater
HWR: Hot Water Recirculating Return
HWS: Hot Water Supply
HWY: Highway
HYD: Hydraulic
HYDRO: Hydrostatic
HZ: Hertz (Cycles Per Second)

I: Iron, Current (electrical)
IBV: Indicating Butterfly Valve
IC: Interrupting Capacity
ID: Inside Diameter
IE: Invert Elevation
ILK: Interlock
IMH: Inlet Manhole
IN: Inch
INC: Incandescent
INCAND: Incandescent
INCIN: Incinerator
INCL: Incline, Include
INCR: Increase
INFO: Information
INS: Insulate, Insulation
INSP: Inspect
INSTL: Install
INSUL: Insulation
INT: Interior, Internal
INTERM: Intermediate
INTM: Intermediate
INV: Invert
IP: Iron Pipe
IPS: Iron Pipe Size
IW: Indirect Waste

J: Joist
J-BOX: Junction Box
JAN: Janitor
JB: Junction Box
JC: Janitor’s Closet
JCT: Junction
JF: Joint Filler
JST: Joist
JT: Joint

K: Kilopound (1000 pounds), Kelvin (temperature)
KAL: Kalamein
KCP: Keene’s Cement Plaster
KG: Kilogram
KIP: Kilopound (1000 pounds)
KIT: Kitchen
KM: Kilometer
KO: Knockout
KP: Kickplate
KPL: Kickplate
KS: Kitchen Sink
KVA: Kilovolt-Ampere
KW: Kilowatt
KWH: Kilowatt Hour
KWHR: Kilowatt Hour

L: Angle, Left, Length, Lighting Panel, Long, Line
LA: Landscape Architect, Lightning Arrester
LAB: Laboratory, Labor
LAD: Ladder
LAM: Laminate, Laminated
LAT: Lateral
LAV: Lavatory
LB: Pound (weight), Lag Bolt
LBL: Label
LBR: Lumber
LC: Light Control, Lead Covered
LCD: Liquid Crystal Diode
LCL: Linen Closet
LCM: Lead Coated Metal
LD: Leader Drain
LH: Left Hand
LIB: Library
LIBR: Library
LIN: Linear
LINO: Linoleum
LIQ: Liquid
LKR: Locker
LL: Live Load
LMS: Limestone
LN: Length
LNDG: Landing
LNTL: Lintel
LOC: Locate
LOCS: Locations
LP: Low Point, Low Pressure, Lighting Panel, Light Proof
LPS: Low Pressure Sodium, Low Pressure Steam
LR: Living Room
LS: Limestone, Loud Speaker
LT: Light, Low Tension Duct, Laundry Tray
LTG: Lighting
LTL: Lintel
LT WT: Lightweight
LV: Low Voltage
LVR: Louver
LW: Light Weight
LWC: Light Weight Concrete
LWDP: Louvered Wood Door, Painted

M: Meter, Motor, Thousand (brick), Bending Moment
MACH: Machine
MAINT: Maintenance
MAN; Manual
MAR: Marble
MARB: Marble
MAS: Masonry
MAT: Material
MATL: Material
MAX: Maximum
MB: Mail Box, Machine Bolt, Mop Basin
MC: Medicine Cabinet, Mineral Core
MCC: Motor Control Center
MCM: Thousand Circular Mils (electrical wire size)
ME: Mechanical Engineer
MECH: Mechanical
MED: Medium
MED CAB: Medicine Cabinet
MEMB: Membrane
MERC: Mercury Vapor
MET: Metal
MEZZ: Mezzanine
MFD: Manufactured, Metal Floor Deck
MFG: Manufacturer, Manufacturing
MFR: Manufacture, Manufacturer
MH: Manhole
MI: Malleable Iron, Miles
MIKE: Microphone
MIN: Minimum
MIR: Mirror
MISC: Miscellaneous
MK: Mark
ML&P: Metal Lath & Plaster
MLD: Molding
MLDG: Molding
MM: Millimeter
MMB: Membrane
MO: Masonry Opening
MOD: Module
MONO: Monolithic
MOV: Movable
MP: Metal Acoustal Panel
MPS: Medium Pressure Steam
MR: Mop Receptor
MRD: Metal Roof Deck
MT: Mount, Mounted
MTD: Mounted
MTL: Material, Metal
MTR: Motor
MUL: Mullion
MULL: Mullion
MV: Mercury Vapor
MWP: Maximum Working Pressure
MWK: Millwork

N: North, Nitrogen
NAP: Napkin
NAT: Natural
NATL: Natural
NB: “Nota Bene” Latin phrase for “Take Special Note”
NC: Normally Closed, Noise Criteria
NEC: National Electrical Code
NEUT: Neutral
NF: Near Face
NFWH: Non-freeze Wall Hydrant
NI: Nickel
NIC: Not In Contract
NK: Neck
NMT: Non-Metallic
NO: Number, Normally Open
NOM: Nominal
NR: Noise Reduction
NRC: Noise Reduction Coefficient
NRP: Non-Removable Pin
NRS: Non Rising Steam Valve
NS: Near Side
NTS: Not To Scale

O: Oxygen
O TO O: Out to Out
OA: Outside Air, Overall
OB: Obscure
OBS: Obscure
OC: On Center
OD: Outside Diameter
OF: Outside Face
OFF: Office
OH: Overhead
OHD: Overhead Door
OHMS: Oval Head Machine Screw
OHWS: Oval Head Wood Screw
OI: Ornamental Iron
OP: Opaque
OPG: Opening
OPNG: Opening
OPP: Opposite
OPP H: Opposite Hand
OR: Outside Radius
ORN: Ornamental
OSD Open Sight Drain
OS&Y: Outside Screw & Yoke (valve)
OUT: Outlet
OVFL: Overflow
OW: Open Waste
OZ: Ounce

P: Pitch, Power Panel, Paint
P. LAM: Plastic Laminate
P SL: Pipe Sleeve
PA: Public Address
PAF: Powder Actuated Fasteners
PAR: Parallel
PARTN: Partition
PASS: Passage, Passenger
PB: Pull Box, Push Button, Panic Bar
PBD: Particle Board
PBMT: Preshimmed Butyl Mastic Sealant Tape
PB STA: Push Button Station
PC: Pull Chain, Piece, Precast Concrete
PCF: Pounds per cubic foot
PCPL: Portland Cement Plaster
PD: Pump Discharge, Plaza Drain
PDP: Paneled Door, Painted
PE: Porcelain Enamel, Professional Engineer
PED: Pedestal, Pedestrian
PERF: Perforate, Performance
PERIM: Perimeter
PERP: Perpendicular
PFN: Prefinished
PG: Pressure Gauge
PH: Phase, Preheat, Phone
PIV: Pivoted, Post Indicator Valve
PJF: Preformed Joint Filler
PKG: Parking
PKWY: Parkway
PL: Plate, Plan, Property Line, Plastic Laminate, Plastic
PLAS: Plaster, Plastic
PLAS LAM: Plastic Laminate
PLBG: Plumbing
PLF: Pounds Per Lineal Foot
PLG: Plumbing
PLMBG: Plumbing
PLTF: Platform
PLWD: Plywood
PLYWD: Plywood
PLUMB: Plumbing
PNEU: Pneumatic
PNL: Panel
PNT: Paint
POL: Polish, Polished
PORC: Porcelain
PORT: Portable
POT W: Potable Water
PP: Plaster, Painted, Power Panel, Precast Panel
PR: Pair
PRC: Precast
PRCST: Precast
PRE: Prefinished
PREFAB: Prefabricated
PRES: Pressure
PRESS: Pressure
PRF: Preformed
PRFMD: Preformed
PRI: Primary
PRMLD: Premolded
PROT: Protection, Protective
PRSTR: Prestressed
PRTN: Partition
PRV: Pressure Reducing Valve
PS: Plumbing Stack
PSC: Prestressed Concrete
PSF: Pounds per square foot
PSI: Pounds per square inch
PSIG: Pounds per square inch gage
PT: Paint, Point, Part, Potential Transformer
PTC: Post-Tensioned Concrete
PTD: Painted, Paper Towel Dispenser
PTD/R: Combination Paper Towel Dispenser/Receptacle
PTN: Partition
PTR: Paper Towel Receptacle
PV: Paving
PVC: Polyvinyl Chloride
PVF: Polyvinylidene Finish
PVG: Paving
PVMT: Pavement
PVT: Private
PW: Pass Window
PWR: Power

QUAL: Quality
QUANT: Quantity
QT: Quarry Tile, Quart
QTR: Quarter
QTY: Quantity

R: Riser, Radius, Resistance, Relay Panel
R & S: Rod and Shelf
RA: Return Air, Registered Architect
RAD: Radius, Radiator
RADN: Radian
RB: Rubber, Rubber Base, Resilient Base
RBC: Rubber Base (Coved),
Rubberized Bituminous Compound
RBS: Rubber Base (Straight)
RBT: Rabbet
RCF: Raised Computer Floor
RCP: Reflected Ceiling Plan, Reinforced Concrete Pipe
RD: Roof Drain, Round, Receptacle Distribution Panel
REBAR: Reinforcing Bar
REC: Receiver
RECEP: Receptacle
RECP: Receptacle
RED: Reducer
REF: Refer, Reference, Refrigerator
REFL: Reflected, Reflector
REFR: Refrigerate, Refrigerator
REG: Register, Regular
REINF: Reinforcement, or Reinforce
REM: Remove, Removable
REQ: Require, Required
REQD: Required
RES: Resilient
RESIL: Resilient
REST: Resistance
RET: Return, Retaining
RETG: Retaining
REV: Reverse, Revise, Revision
REV DR: Revolving Door
RF: Roof
RFG: Roofing
RGTR: Register
RGH: Rough
RGH OPNG:Rough Opening
RH: Right Hand, Reheat, Relative Humidity
RHC: Reheat Coil
RHMS: Round Head Machine Screw
RHR: Right Hand Reverse, Reheater
RHWS: Round Head Wood Screw
RM: Room
RMS: Root Mean Squared
RMV: Remove
RN: Riser Nipple
RO: Rough Opening
ROB: Rod Out Basin
ROW: Right of Way
RPM: Revolutions Per Minute
RPT: Repeat (like “Ditto”)
RR: Railroad
RT: Rubber Tile, Right
RTR/RR Rubber Tread/Rubber Riser
RVS: Reverse Side
RVT: Rivet
RW: Redwood
RWC: Rain Water Conductor
RWD: Redwood
RWL: Rain Water Leader

S: South, Sealant, Supply, Sink
S4S: Surfaced 4 Sides
S&M: Surfaced & Matched
S&S: Stained & Sealed
S&V: Stain & Varnish
SACT: Suspended Acoustical Tile
SALV: Salvage
SAN: Sanitary
SB: Setting Basin, Splash Block
SC: Solid Core, Short Circuit, Self Closing, Sill Cock
SCD: Seat Cover Dispenser
SCFT: Structural Clay Facing Tile
SCH: Schedule
SCHED: Schedule
SCR: Screen
SCUP: Scupper
SCWD: Solid Core Wood
SD: Soap Dispenser
SE: Structural Engineer
SEAL: Sealant
SEC: Second, Section, Secondary, Security System
SECT: Section
SECY: Secretary
SED: Sewage Ejector Discharge
SEL: Select
SERV: Service
SEV: Sewage Ejector Vent
SF: Square Foot
SFGL: Safety Glass
SGG: Structural Glazing Gasket
SGS: Silicone Glazing Sealant
SH: Shelf, Sheet, Shower
SHR: Shower
SHT: Sheet
SHTH: Sheathing
SHTHG: Sheathing
SHWR: Shower
SIG: Signal
SIM: Similar
SJS: Silicone Joint Sealant
SK: Sink
SKL: Skylight
SL: Siamese Line
SLOT: Slotted
SLV: Sleeve
SND: Sanitary Napkin Dispenser
SNGG: Sponge Neoprene Glazing Gasket
SNR: Sanitary Napkin Receptacle
SNT: Sealant
SP: Soil Pipe, Standpipe, Soundproof, Single Pole
SPC: Spacer
SPD: Sump Pump Discharge
SPDT: Single Pole Double Throw
SPEC: Specification, Specifications
SPECS: Specifications
SPK: Speaker
SPL: Special
SPLR: Sprinkler
SPM: Sprinkler Main
SPP: Skim Coat Plaster Painted
SPST: Single Pole Single Throw
SQ: Square
SS: Stainless Steel, Set Screw, Soil Stack, Service Sink, Slop Sink
SSD: Sub-soil Drain
SSGS: Silicone Structural Glazing Sealant
SSK: Service Sink
SSS: Silicone Sanitary Sealant
SST: Stainless Steel
ST: Straight, Storm Water
STA: Station
STC: Sound Transmission Class
STD: Standard
STG: Storage, Seating
STGG: Structural Glazing Gasket
STGR: Stagger
STIFF: Stiffener
STK: Stack
STL: Steel
STM: Steam
STO: Storage
STOR: Storage
STP: Standard Temperature & Pressure, Standpipe
STR: Straight (re-bars), Strainer, Structural, Starter
STRL: Structural
STRT: Straight
STRUC: Structural
STRUCT: Structural
ST W: Storm Water
STWY: Stairway
SUCT: Suction
SUPP: Supplementary, Supplement
SUPT: Superintendent
SUR: Surface
SUSP: Suspended, Suspend
SV: Safety Relief Valve
SW: Switch
SWBD: Switchboard
SWGR: Switchgear
SY: Square Yard
SYM: Symmetrical
SYN: Synthetic
SYS: System

T: Tread, Thermostat, Tee
T/: Top
T&B: Top and Bottom
T&G: Tongue & Groove
T&P: Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve
TAN: Tangent
TB: Towel Bar
TC: Top of Curb, Terracotta
TCLO: Telephone Closet
TCS: Terne Coated Stainless Steel
TD: Trench Drain
TEL: Telephone
TEL CL: Telephone Closet
TEMP: Temporary, Tempered, Temperature
TEN: Tenant
TER: Terrazzo
TERR: Terrazzo
TERM: Terminal
TGL: Toggle
TH: Thermostat
THK: Thick, Thickness
THKNS: Thickness
THR: Threshold
THRESH: Threshold
THRM: Thermal
THRMST: Thermostat
THRU: Through
TKBD: Tackboard
TL: Twist Lock (receptacle)
TLT: Toilet
TOL: Tolerance
TP: Top of Pavement
TPD: Toilet paper Dispenser
TPH: Toilet Paper Holder
TPTN: Toilet Partition
TR: Tread, Transom
TRANS: Transformer, Translucent
TRAV: Travertine
TRD: Tread
TS: Time Switch
TSL: Top of Slab
TST: Top of Steel
TSTAT: Thermostat
TT: Terrazzo Tile, Traffic Topping
TTC: Telephone Terminal Closet
TV: Television
TW: Top of Wall, Thin Wall (conduit), Tempered Water
TYP: Typical
TZ: Terrazzo

UC: Undercut
UH: Unit Heater
UL: Underwriters’ Laboratories
UNEX: Unexcavated
UNEXC: Unexcavated
UNF: Unfinished
UNFIN: Unfinished
UNO: Unless Noted Otherwise
UON: Unless Otherwise Noted
UP: Unpainted
UR: Urinal
USG: United States Gauge, United States Gypsum Company
USS: United States Standard
UT: Utility

V: Volt, Valve, Vinyl, Vent, Ventilator
VA: Volt Ampere
VAC: Vacuum
VACBR: Vacuum Breaker
VAR: Varnish, Varies
VAT: Vinyl Asbestos Tile
VB: Vapor Barrier, Valve Box, Vinyl Base, Vacuum Breaker
VBC: Vinyl Base (Coved)
VBS: Vinyl Base (Straight)
VC: Varnished Cambric
VCP: Vitrified Clay Pipe
VCT: Vinyl Composition Tile
VENT: Ventilate, Ventilator
VERT: Vertical
VEST: Vestibule
VF: Vinyl Fabric
VFGT: Vinyl Foam Glazing Tape
VIF: Verify In the Field
VIN: Vinyl
VIT: Vitreous
VLT: Vault
VNR: Veneer
VOL: Volume
VP: Vapor Proof, Vent Pipe
VR: Vapor Retarder, Vacuum Return, Vertical Riser
VRM: Vermiculite
VS: Vent Stack
VT: Vinyl Tile
VTR: Vent Through Roof
VWC: Vinyl Wall Covering

W: West, Width, Wide, Watt, Waste, Water, Water Main
W/: With
W/O: Without
W&M: Washburn & Moen Gauge
WAINS: Wainscot
WB: Wood Base
WC: Watercloset
WD: Wood
WDP: Wood, Painted
WDSS: Wood, Stained & Sealed
WDW: Window
WF: Wide Flange (structural steel)
WFS: Water Flow Switch
WG: Wired Glass
WGL: Wire-Glass
WH: Water Heater, Wall Hung, Wall Hydrant
WI: Wrought Iron
WIN: Window
WM: Wire Mesh, Water Meter
WP: Waterproof, Working Point, Working Pressure, Weatherproof
WPR: Waterproofing
WPT: Working Point
WR: Water Resistant, Water Repellant, Waste Receptacle
WRSTP: Weatherstripping
WS: Weatherstripping, Water Stop
WSCT: Wainscot
WT: Weight, Water Table, Watertight
WVNR: Wood Veneer
WW: Window Wall
WWF: Welded Wire Fabric

XH: Extra Heavy
X HVY: Extra Heavy
X STR: Extra Strong

YD: Yard
YR: Year

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