Dream oneliners.

Dream oneliners.

I had a dream last night I was a muffler.

I woke up exhausted.

Remember, in this time of cancelled flights, missing bags, late flights and stupid queues at the terminal, be kind to those who work in aviation. Your not driving down the road in your car, your getting on in a pressurised aluminium tube that gets you off the ground and flogs along at 600+kmh all for typically less than what you spend on a hard night out on the grog (domestic routes) .. these machines keep you safe without splattering your face all over the bulkhead with better death statistics than your average australian road.

So when you groan at your flight being turned around 20 minutes after taking off, or your stuck in the terminal and they say its a ‘engineering issue’ spare a thought for all those people busting their nuts (usually when you are sleeping) to get that plane back in the sky without killing you. Go direct your frustration at those clowns who run the airlines, last time i checked they are the ones responsible for not giving you a hotel room when you get bumped until the next day…or not having enough staff or planes available…

I enjoy seeing my regular airliners from the backyard, the best way to enjoy aviation 🙂 if in a hurry.. drive 🙂

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