First Solo Flight

Well after nearly 14 hrs of flying i have gone solo for the first time, and was i sweating bad…… Started off with normal cct, was a little high in the approach and a little late in the flare but we did not even feel the wheels touch!! Certianly helps when u have flown the last two lessons in 14-16 knot winds with a crosswind component of 10 knots!! Makes flying in smooth weather a breeze.

The second cct was a flapless, it was perfect, maybe a little high again, but hey, better to be high than too low right. Again the landing was greased in….The cct was looking pretty busy by this stage, maybe 4 other aircraft had joined, must have had something to do with the perfect weather for flying! Glide approach was next,keypoint i did maintain was my glide speed, got it straight away and maintained pretty well all the way! Did not even need flaps. Next was my worst, the darn go-round, the main reason i find this hard is when there is alot of traffic u really have to be situationally aware of the other a/c so u can slot in on the downwind leg. This was probably my best go-round, out of my huge total of 3!!.

Somewhere in there was the engine failure after takeoff…that was fine, man i hope that never happens in really life…you would be rooted. Finally a fullstop to let the instructor out and takeoff by myself!

I have to say my solo cct was pretty good, all radio calls and procedures were spot on, even with the increased traffic. It was amazing to see the difference in how the aircraft flew with only me in it…climbed like a bloody rocket!!! a rocket listing to one side tho!! My landing was great, flared at the right time, greased it in, took the second taxiway where i had to wait for more traffic taxiing along! Picked up instructor and recieved the congrads from the tower and it was all over. In all a bit of a non-event, especially since i hardly bloody slept the whole night before!

Mental note for next flight: do not become complacent as experienced is gained.

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