If one more persons asks for help with there stupid computer i am going to go insane!

Spent half my saturday helping goair with their kickass computer system, all was going well until this stupid Delll server kept crashing when the modem was plugged in and used… probably had something to do with the fact that they say they say they do not support dialup modems with the truemobile router…figures…

Did i mention saturday was a beautiful day…and i spent most of it inside playing with that darn computer system.

Dropped off the cargo nets to grant, since i knew he would be working a saturday! Grant made the comment that the amount of work seems to be decreasing…probably due to the fact that everyone is leaving the airport due to the predicted increase in landing fees (60 bucks a tonne – that makes it one very expensive cct).

Got home around two and decided to get going to the pool. was very nice, getting busy again, which is good for the pool since they had nearly a month where no-one was there due to the heater being busted. pumped out 32 laps, which was good, hopefully get back to two sets of 20 laps soon….just gotta make sure i go twice on the w/e and once during the week and it’ll be sweet as.

went home and cleaned the bloody house…and attempted to fix that daft washing machine….

mental note for saturday: if someone asks “do u know much about computers?” reply with ” nope, dont have clue”! that will save me alot of time and heart ache!

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