Flat Chat at work!!

Very busy week at work, mainly to do with the CASA212 Job, although a few extra little jobs thrown in always help in burning up some badly needed time! Went to mascot several time this week, things are happening fairly quickly but not much seems to be confirmed, there is alot of umming and ahhing about the location of units, i feel this will all even out tho as the project moves along.

ELT installation was finalised until the sparky decided ‘no we cant have it there’, thats great, especially after i completely finished the manufacturing and installation drawings for it, grrrr. The hanging shelf for the HF load unit is coming along nicely….a easy one since no can say ‘it cant go there’ (touch wood).

The aircarft is currently in bits, the complete interior and avionics have been stripped out! looks like an absolute dogs breakfast, but i guess the sparkies know whats going on! The aircraf has its first time inspection from CASA on the monday, that should be very interesting since the thing is in bits!!!

Thursday morning at 7am i went for my security clearance, passed the exam and am now considered ‘secure’ woohoo. Thursday was a long day.

Friday started with my first solo flight and ended at Execujet with a cargo-net job for a prominent mans Falcon 200. Bit strange since the bloody things had these nets installed for the last ten years with out any kinda approval. Oh well good way for us to make some money! Ended up doing some more work on the CASA212 while i was at Execujet! Spent most of the time listening to arthur explaining the finer points of his new homebuilt aircraft…i can see this is going to be painful!

Managed to get a look at some of the documentation for the CASA212 ski installation that AEA are doing, all looks pretty hectic! glad i have nothing to do with that!

Met up with Kane (original with WWW @YSBK) who is now doing all the sheet work on the ski install.

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