Flickr Group – FOCUS – (Australia – Seascape & Landscape & Macro Photography) Awards 2013

It was great to attend the Flickr Focus Awards ( on Saturday night and it was a much fun as last year! Always good to put faces to the names and catch with people.

It's the only 'competition' that I bother to enter, even though it does require payment – it's a good cause and a great community worth being part of and worth supporting. What i really enjoy is seeing all the other images up there and also the choices and grades the judges give, there is no doubt there is a emphasis on creativity and impact and I for one have learnt alot from see the images. There is more info here about the judges and their experience. I gotta say to, tht was an impressive feat judging all those images, excellent work.

+Peter Eastway gave a great talk about his recent trip and also imparted some great experience and knowledge with some good humour added in – nice one dude.

Congrads to the tog of the year (Olga) and also some of the crew that are on gplus, +Grant Galbraith with a couple of tidy wins the BW category and of course +Ricardo Da Cunha with his awesome lighthouse image.
+Mike Hankey nailed a nice dragonfly image which took out the macro category, great stuff and well deserved.
It was also great to see images there from +Jason Beaven +Chris Jones and +Rene Kisselbach

I am happy with my results given the high standard of images and also the large number of images (in excess of 500)

I will be there next year for sure.

12 thoughts on “Flickr Group – FOCUS – (Australia – Seascape & Landscape & Macro Photography) Awards 2013

  1. Congrats +Gerard Blacklock I like your B&W Seascape entered in the B&W category. It was a great night and i'm sorry if i didn't chat to you (i didn't know what you looked like) because i don't know too many faces of the group as i'm new. A great excuse to get down to Sydney for some photos and to meet you and others from Focus.

  2. cheers +Jason Ruth and +Jim Warthman
    Thanks +Jason Beaven its always the way, hard to put faces to all the names 🙂 fyi, i am the 6'6" dude so unfortunately i stick out 🙂
    Definitely come to one of the sessions, i do not get to that many but they are always good fun and some good people to meet
    Thanks +Liz C
    Thanks +Ricardo Da Cunha and +Pieter Pretorius
    +Chris Jones the great thing about the group is that they are always very welcoming, be sure to come along.
    Thanks +Mike Hankey

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