Gotta laugh, what else is there :)

Gotta laugh, what else is there 🙂

I had a crazy dream last night! I was swimming in an ocean of orange soda. Turns out it was just a Fanta sea.

So here I am standing next to a ‘clothing optional beach’ in the dark not nude so lets clear that up straight out 😉 and I got thinking – nope, not about orange soda or fantasies.. but more along the lines that we need proper signage to call shit for what it is .. this beach is not a clothing optional beach, that implies completely inclusivity (yep i made that word up) . Yet this beach was sure as hell frequented by one gender only and sure as sh$t optional clothing was not the only activity on the agenda :-0

anyways, could rant all night, just gotta laugh i suppose – heres a cool milkyway shot from the nudie beach with the green eyed monster… aka some boaty out in the ocean.

7 landscape shots stitched together – I would try the cool new lightroom denoise feature, but it tells me a need a new computer… 🙁

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