Greener Pastures

I wonder whether these dairy cows ever have the desire to check out whats on the other side of the fence? what you can't see in this image is there is nothing between me and this paddock of cows besides a cattle grid, which I only recently learned about how they actually work. Cows have a great field of view with those eyes on each side of their big heads, however the disadvantage of this 360 degree view is that their binocular and depth vision is pretty crap, hence when they see a cattle grid, its not that they cannot balance their dainty udders across, its more they get the perception thats its very uneven due to the high contrast in light…

so waddayaknow.. you learn something new every day 😉

anyways onto the picture, some cows really enjoying some very lush grass..

5 shot pano, all landscape orientation.

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