Its taken some time to get to the point where I am happy with this shot. This tree was nothing much to look at from most angles, but from one side, deep in a snow drift the tree and the scene just shone in my eyes. The small glint of colour peeking through the snow and weather worn bend from the relentless south westerly made it worth effort in getting to this point.
I probably took about 5 different compositions of this shot, each one is 3-4 shots stitched together, each time waiting for the wind to die down enough to capture the tree as it was still, all with the added challenge of trying to press the shutter with gloves which by the second day were getting pretty frozen not exactly very malleable.

It does not end there, capturing a scene which is predominately white and getting it to come out white and not grey and with enough detail to show the true scene, specifically referring to the trees in the background which whilst caught in a foggy moment were certain present and gave the scene a sense of scale and alignment.

16 thoughts on “Horizontal

  1. This shot is the culmination of a monumental amount of effort and cold hardiness. You are right about the camera being intent of finding middle grey in a shot that has only black and white. This angle shows a very wind-blown tree that has had to accept what could not have been changed, much like many of us as we follow our own paths through life.

  2. Your frozen fingers & your hard work has paid off GB.
    I just went in for a close look & this is great work indeed ………..
    so hard to get an image in what is almost a total white out !
    I saw colours in the tree trunk & beautiful textures in the leaves !!! Excellent Thanks +Gerard Blacklock 🙂

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