Hypnotic Eucalyptus trees.

Hypnotic Eucalyptus trees.
Encounters before the Tree
One of the more underrated displays for vivid i think, but will cater to those geometric geeks out there and it is pretty hypnotic.
“See trees (and yourself) in a new way as you gaze at a mesmerising display of nature’s hidden geometry. Throughout history, we’ve always had a special bond with trees. They provide shelter, a meeting place and oxygen. They clean our air and have a calming effect on our nervous system.
Encounters Before the Tree explores this connection in a geometric light display that asks us to see beyond the canopy.
Watch as a hypnotic projection, inspired by nature’s hidden mathematical codes, slowly moves across a series of eucalyptus trees. The effect of transforming something natural into something strange and unknown is disconcerting and reminds us of nature’s hidden beauty and the patterns that exist within all living things.

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