Icecream under the Norwegian Mountains

After our first night in Norway, the morning called for one thing after we had fresh eggs from the chooks in the backyard, a icecream picnic whilst mum and dad packed the car for the next leg of the trip.
ya can't get more cliche than this for a typical scene from norway, electric green grass fields dotted with 'icecubes' (haybales wrapped in white plastic, interestingly the Scots use black plastic whilst the Norwegians white…) and a mountain peak drizzled in snow in the background.
btw, here is tickles getting the hang of the thumbs up, almost there

2 thoughts on “Icecream under the Norwegian Mountains

  1. A beautiful landscape indeed, but it pales to insignificance compared to your two delightful little treasures! And well done to Tickles, who is very nearly there with her thumbs up attempt.

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