Industrial Nation

I initially drove up this hill and saw this view in the rear view mirror and thought, that looks mad with the layers of residential housing then the steel works and finally the hills.

I then spent 15 minutes trying to get the right view without powerlines and trees etc in the way, even so, I had to clone out a bunch of power lines in the way.. 🙁

Exif love:
D750 coupled with Sigma 50-500mm f4.5-6.3 @ 340mm Aperture: f/8 and Shutter Speed: 1/1000s
ISO 200

38 thoughts on “Industrial Nation

  1. +Alison Christensen
    less than 24 hours.. and it is not mine 🙂 I begged and borrowed from +Rodney Campbell since my 300mm was just not long enough…
    I gotta say its a great lens… two downsides to it though… very heavy and big and teh zoom ring operates in reverse.. but its nice and sharp.. and a zoom (which I am not used too 🙂 )

  2. Ah, he's a good man, letting your play with it!
    It would take some getting used to with the reversal. I get tricked if I swap between Sonya (Sony A7) and Nikki as things are opposite on them also.

  3. Great work………………..

    "We are a growing group of photographers who joined creative forces to realise photography projects for charity organisations"

  4. Pretty sweet Gerry – I also had some fun doing some more tele landscape shots when I first got it. I remember my first trip down to my parents on the coast and stopping at a few places to do some aerial long shots down the coast.
    It is pretty big and heavy tho – and sticks out a lot when zoomed out to 500mm – so it's not really a walkaround lens (more a drive around lens :))

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