7 thoughts on “It flys…finally..(not that impressive, just noisy)

  1. cheers +Olav de With the weather was pretty ordinary, however the high humidity did help with some nice condensation forming on the wings in g turns.

    The lens I used was a nikkor 300mm f/4 with a 1.4 teleconverter. I have the 1.7 TC, but the 1.4 and 300 seem to give reasonable distance to capture some of the manoevres

  2. Nikon gear is good but also a bit more expansive in comparison to Canon………
    Nikon should come with some new lenses such as a new version from the 70-300 VR or even more interesting for aviation photographers a 80-400 with AFS&VR

    The 300 mm f4 (AFS) is well know for it's sharpens!!
    and indeed a" friendly " price ……

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