Katoomba Falls

After a dismal sunrise, if it could even be called that 🙂 it was time for a breakie, Leura was the spot of choice and at the only Cafe that was open, quite fortuitous since the markets were setting up there just afterward and I could grab some not so local honey (it was good stuff apparently tho:) )

Katoomba falls is pretty cool, you can see it from the cable car skyway thingy and you can see it from the top at the park and I assume you can probably get to the base as well, however there also is access to the base of the first drop, a bit more than half way down – I remember taking a shot from the cable car a few years back and seeing some dudes down near this spot and kept that in the back of head for a time when i near here again..

So, here is that shot from a few years back, check out amount of water going over it and you can even see two people at the first drop and someone at the very top in a red jumper – definitely gives some scale to the falls.


Fast forward and its pretty darn dry now, however that does have the advantage that you can walk out onto the shelf pretty easily, so in this shot you can probably work out were I was standing to get it, whilst it probably looks a bit hair raising its really not, hardly any water and its a pretty large shelf 🙂

The walk down is pretty easy, the walk back up, not so easy, however 20 minutes tops – next time I will get t the very bottom, if you can do that.

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