Katoomba Falls

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from a ball hugging 270 metres above the ground in some crazy designers idea of a joke, a glass bottomed cable car 😉

Well it was not that bad i suppose, but whilst I would not call myself one afraid of heights, this kind of thing still gives me pause for thought:) oddly enough i do not have the same thought when cruising at a few thousand feet above a airport in a dinky little plane, bizarre, i am sure you could write volumes on the psychology of that..

So.. our friendly cable car / skyway guide says to us, "so anyone afraid of heights?", followed quickly by;
"well its too late.. here we go"
this was then backed up with" you are now 270 metres above the valley floor, twice the height of the Sydney Harbour bridge"
but this was the kicker comment
"it would only take the cable car 6 seconds to get to the bottom if it broke" (or something close to that)..

righto..thankyou for that mister optimistic 🙁

Nonetheless the view is nice, the falls are pleasant and the view out the bottom is.. well feels like your looking straight down 😉 We were fortunate enough to get a break in the weather as we went across so I thought i would get a shot of the falls from a different perspective, different in the sense that most of my waterfall images are from the base of waterfalls and involve some trekking and a tripod + filter.

This one is a single shot, not filters, no tripod and while hanging the camera half out the cable car as we trundled across on one of Austria's best products..the cable car. I guess if ya gonna trust your rear end in a cable car, then one built by those who build the ones in the french and Austrian alps, then this would be a good bet.

check out the person at the top of the falls for a bit of scale..

Exif love:
D750 coupled with 24-70mm f2.8 @ 24mm Aperture: f/8 and Shutter Speed: 1/125s
ISO 400
out front – fresh air and 270 metres straight down.


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