Last Man Standing

Apparently we (Australia) are like in the top 20 deforesting nations of the world :-/ (note there are not really any comparable countries on the list, like NZ, US etc) Its kinda embarassing when we have all these people from around the world saying that we are such a developed and innovative country and its followed up with our continual support for some pretty bad things like the deforestation and coal production and the continual bagging of wind and solar power….

As the iconic Australian saying goes.. 'not happy Jan'

It would be great to come back to this field one day when the crop is more established and the rows more defined, the sheer size of it and the lonely old tree are just a minimalist's dream, couple this with subtle pastel sunsets and I think I could be out here every weekend if I could 😉

In the past I have rarely worried about hyperfocal distance, however now being on a full frame camera and using a 14mm lens it really comes into play and you gotta be careful to make sure you do have a enough depth of field to keep everything (front to back) nice and sharp. In this image you can see the leaves at the very base of teh image are a bit out of focus, these are quite close to the camera also, possibly pushing up to f/18 might have helped a bit there.

+Landscape Photography

Exif love:
D750 coupled with Samyang 14mm f2.8 @ 14mm Aperture: f/13 and Shutter Speed: 2s
ISO 100
out front – beans..beans.. and more beans… than a tree and some sky.

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17 thoughts on “Last Man Standing

  1. Great Photo, and completely agree with you about the deforestation. Our now (thankfully) ex premier rolled back legislation that controlled it. Now deforestation is happening at a very rapid pace all over Queensland.
    As for stopping down to f/18, watch out for unsharpness due to diffraction. Try it, it dependds on the lens, but personally I would just crop the bottom off. The unsharp bits are a bit distorted anyways, +Gerard Blacklock 🙂

  2. Awesome combination, blue sky and the lonesome tree..:-)
    Honestly your landscape photo is colorful and beautiful, mate..:-)
    Nice Tuesday..

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