Learning to Fly

Probably not many scenarios for a bird where you get a second chance, particularly so in sydney, if the traffic don't get you then surely a domestic pet will.

This little guy had made an attempt to fly and ended up in the lowest part of the garden of which it could not climb out of, only fly out of, which was a problem since it could not fly yet.

It was beautiful to see its parents hanging around and talking to it but also sad knowing it could not get out of the garden without flying. Oddly enough we have seen this several years back, identical situation where the bird had made the first attempt and ended up in the garden, from memory it was able to climb up some plants adjacent to the brick wall which are no longer there. Your probably not meant to intervene but when its clearly struggling and somewhat distressed and gonna get more stressed with little kids giving it too much love, we grabbed a towel and relocated it up onto the top of the wall where its mum came down and fed it, it then climbed – note these are quite good at climbing using their beak and legs – up into a tree where it umm'd and ahh'ed for a couple of hours and had mum and dad come down and conj-ole it until finally it made the leap and flew..

lots of pictures here… but it was very cute.

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