Living on the Edge

Make sure its all wood or stainless steel, 'cause even ya nan is gonna rust here.

Welcome to Coledale, full of memories.

Its a crime not to view large 😉

+Wet Wednesday curated by +Jen Baptist
+TravelPanoWednesday curated by +Rolf Hicker
+Weather Wednesday curated by +Jason Borg
+SilhouetteSaturday curated by +Naila Ziani
+Sunset Saturday curated by +Dennis Hoffbuhr
+Sunrise Saturday curated by +Josh Davis
+Dawn On Sunday curated by +Ray Bilcliff +Sherry McBriar +linda stokes
+Sky Sunday – Photography Theme curated by +Randy Scherkenbach +Patrick Scherkenbach
+PixelWorld curated by +Alberto Carreras
curated by +Jarek Klimek
+Promote Photography
+Stunning Moment curated by +Alycia Miller +Christopher Prins
+ShowYourBestWork by +Britta Rogge & +Rita Gijbels
+10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS curated by +Robert SKREINER
curated by +Rolf Hicker
+HQSP Landscape curated by +Terrie Gray +Johnny Minor +Nicolai Neijhoft +Lani Banadera +Aamir Shahzad +Delcour Eric
+Landscape Photography curated by +Margaret Tompkins +Carra Riley +paul t beard +David Heath Williams +Bill Wood +Jim Warthman +Ben T
+Landscape Photos curated by +Robert SKREINER
+HQSP Natural Other curated by +Valesa Diamontes and +Vincent Dale
+*** curated by +Brian Dukes
+YisforYellow curated by +Lucille Galleli
+AllThingsBlue curated by +Josef Ehrlich
+B for Blue curated by +Aileen Sorenson
+BTP Landscape Pro curated by +Nancy Dempsey +Rinus Bakker

23 thoughts on “Living on the Edge

  1. Thanks +Margaret Tompkins always a pleasure to be a part of the #LandscapePhotography theme
    thanks +Frank Borsikowski, +Sebastian Gotthardt , +Ana Andres and +Eric Tang, i appreciate the view and comments.
    thanks +Christopher Prins!
    +Luke Moffitt definitely, this whole stretch of coast is pretty sweet for surfing
    thanks +Tom Ring's Brown Daub Kia, glad you viewed large 🙂
    Thanks for looking and commenting +Stéphane Jean and +Rita Gijbels
    Thanks for the selection and comment +HQSP Natural Other , +HQSPPromotion and +Jean-Noel Nicolas
    Also, thankyou +BTP Landscape Pro , +BTP Daily Highlight and +Nancy Dempsey

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