Malabar Sunrise

The suburb of Malabar is located in the south east of Randwick City and is bounded by the suburb of Maroubra to the north, Matraville and Chifley to the west, and Little Bay to the south. The suburb has an extensive coastline which includes Long Bay and Malabar ocean pool. The Anzac Rifle Range (owned by the Federal Government) is located on Malabar Headland and is zoned part private open space and part residential.

With an absolute epic walk in, in darkness I might add, all to reach a little secluded rock beach.

Well, for those unfortunate to miss this mornings Sunrise meet, I can tell you now, we had a absolute cracker of a walk – some were a little reluctant especially once the mud set in, which then resulted in a fairly significant deteour and slightly longer walk than anticipated, it was however a nice walk around the headland with plenty of bush bashing.

Sunrise was all but specatular and almost finished by the time we got there, nonetheless we perserved and there was no worries about the blow-in photographers at this location

Location is OK with its only real draw card probably the fact that no one else is silly enough to try and get to it

The walk back along the original planned route was a short 10 minute walk, quite the contrast to the stamina trek in, just needed to aviod the gunfire at the malabar rifle range

I am sure you are all wondering, how far did we actually walk on saturday morning? – well I am glad you asked that question!

below is a screenie of the epic trek into the location, click for larger – or even better follow the google maps link to check out all those interesting little patches of bush which we scrambled thru!

2.91 kms in!

1.22 kms out

The trek out, what a piece of cake, told yas we should have gone this way on teh way in
(oh and yes for those not aware, that little cross country bit towards the end, no, there not a track there )

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