Manly Pipes

Boom!!.. double bunger pipes

I am surprised that these outflow pipes still exist here, given that Manly is one the top tourist spots of Sydney I would have thought they would have moved or found another solution for them… oh well, it gives the local photographers something I guess

D750 coupled with Nikkor16-35 f4 @ 20mm Aperture: f13 and Shutter Speed: 218s
ISO: 100
Out front: Lee Graduated Filter 0.9x and Lee Bigstopper

4 thoughts on “Manly Pipes

  1. +Lordy definitely undeterred, whilst here the local surf club with about 8 or so peeps ran up and swam around, yes around these pipes and then hopped on their paddle boards.. 🙂 I do believe tho, it is only a stormwater overflow .. i think 🙂

  2. Really it's Boom capture! I love the fabulous textures and colours of pipes in the smooth creamy world!!
    (> 0 <)b
    While this capture smoothes everything else, so we focus on it too much. In real Manly, we see so many textures and colours around these guys, so I believe almost nobody notices they are the pipe for some purpose. I always feel almost all the people feel it just like natural rocks in sea water and me too feel so.
    (^ v ^)

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