Monster Witchetty Grub

Monster Witchetty GrubWell maybe not quite a monster one but alot bigger than what I have ever seen! to provide some scale to the shell shown, the shell is at least 3.75″ long, that would make for one tasty meal…if I ate grubs….and if I could find him!

Check out this Fact Sheet (Giant Wood Moth and Witchetty Grubs) from

Author: Geoff Monteith
Queensland Museum
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The witchetty grub (also spelled witchety grub) is a term used in Australia for the large, white, wood feeding larvae of cossid moths (Cossidae), ghost moths (Hepialidae) and longicorn beetles (Cerambycidae). The term is used mainly when the larvae are being considered as food. The larvae are said to taste similar, probably because they have similar wood feeding habits. Edible either raw or barbecued, they are sought out as a high-protein food by Indigenous Australians. Most often, witchetty grub applies to large, typically 7 cm, wood-eating larva of various Australian moths, particularly the cossid moth Endoxyla leucomochla (aka Xyleutes leucomochla). It feeds on the roots of the Witchetty bush, which is named for the grubs. The grubs feature as Dreamings in many Aboriginal paintings.

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