Morning Glow on Malabar Cliffs – serenity in a world of turmoil

Gerry vs LEE bigstopper filter – i have finally got the LEE filter to act like a B+W filter, quite some colour correction and bashing over the head but it finally got there. I would ditch the LEE filter in a shot if it was not for the convenience of the slide in style.

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19 thoughts on “Morning Glow on Malabar Cliffs – serenity in a world of turmoil

  1. You should save a colour cast preset to convert from the BigStopper blue back to "normal" (and give it to me :)).
    Personally I like the blue (at least for the water) myself but your version here certainly looks a lot more "realistic" to the scene we saw after sunrise.
    Wonder what cast the Hitech 10 stop 100×100 filter has?

  2. +Gerard Blacklock Hiya just stopping by to check your version of this shot compared to +Rodney Campbell 's mega-blue version πŸ™‚ Definitely classic contemporary Australian scene and lovely to see the details of the Malabar rockface as it is in reality. Almost something of the fantasy element in Rodney's version. Both striking in different ways nonetheless. Beautiful πŸ™‚

  3. +Rodney Campbell and +Ronald Varley
    I agree the screwing on and off is a real pain – but the results i find are more pleasing (out of camera anyway)
    I am not a big fan of the overly blue scenes, it is purely a cast thing in most cases and i do prefer my water a bit more warm and white.
    In terms of the preset for correcting the cast, it probably ain't gonna help eithe rof you guys since i probably use different software πŸ™‚ additionally, its not a one click fix, probably about 3 steps in the overall image editing process, that said the auto contrast/brightness gets its pretty close the right temperature.
    +Rodney Campbell i will not buy another bigstopper, i can live with the limitations of the lee an dB+W, i would however get myself one of the IRND's or normal 3 stop ND

  4. Thanks +Mike Hankey which one did you get ? LEE or B+W? The best thing about bigstoppers (for me anyway) it means I take fewer images home meaning quicker to process πŸ™‚ – i look forward to seeing some results from you. BTW i really like that image of yours from Observatory hill.

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