I finally got jack of my multi-selector button on my camera intermittently working, after a few screws removed and the problem is quite apparent. So, anyone got access to Nikons spare parts ordering? 😉 I am sure if I tag Nikonaustralia i'll be barred from Nikon service for life for attempting a repair myself 😉
It's safe to assume that I have typically used the down button on the multi selector most since this is one that has worn substantially. The good news is that the with some cleaning and contact reno's things are working again (except for my down button – but I can live with that)

8 thoughts on “Multi-selector

  1. +Gerard Blacklock congrats for having the guts of disassembling your camera. I come out in a cold sweat at just thinking about it. Even though I've assembled my workstation from the first to last screw, my hands shake if I think to open my baby (and my hands don't have the shake reduction….) 😀

  2. I just realised I can buy that flex cable with the multiselector switch (40 bucks) or the entire back panel with LCD for less than 100 bucks… if I knew that i would have not cleaned it.. simply bought a new one and put it in ..

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