Multimedia Server

dsc07572.JPGThere comes a time when have ALL your junk on one box is just not on…..Over the years I have slowly converted my hardcopy multimedia to a more useable format on my desktop, this however becomes cumbersome when others on the network require access and you want to keep some sort of respectable performance and temperature on your desktop.

So theres only one obvious answer 🙂 get another box……

Picked an old security case with a fully function dual processor AT standard box…..not a bad machine for its age… Pulled everything out and put in a old micro ATX mobo, couple this with a fat 400 gb harddrive – admittingly in a slightly different setup, HDD vertical directly in front of the 120mm zalman fan – and we are talking! Also got a half decent APFC semi silent PSU (Zalman also), with a bit of case chopping and filing and I have a cheap 4U rack unit which is a dedicated multimedia machine.

Plonked all this with a dedicated temp probe in the guts on the second row of the server rack and off it went, runs fairly quiet and very cool.

dsc07574.JPG dsc07576.JPG


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