This place reminds me of a waterhole where i used to go as a kid, myself and other suitably crazy friends would swim in ridiculous murky waters and jump off rocky overhangs – how i made it to adulthood is still questionable 🙂

Now, many years later, rather than looking at the scene with eyes for what I could jump off, now I look and see how nature has arranged stuff over the last few thousand years and how I can turn it into a worthwhile photo composition 😉

What I like about the panoramic format is 1) well its pretty damn easy to compose and 2) it naturally flows the viewer through the image without the need for complex lines or anchor points 3) there is no limit to the amount you can include in the frame 🙂

This particular location lent it self very well to a panorama, the rock on the right and the overhang on the left 'bookended' the scene and the falls under the morning light just naturally draws the viewer in, the lines of the water/rock edge also help send the viewer right to the good stuff.

Its a 4 shot panorama (landscape orientation), i did bracket the images so I had a slightly over exposed frame, however found that I did not really need it and I liked the way the left and right extreme frames naturally sunk into the shadows.

ya gotta view this large 🙂

Exif love:
4 images stitched in PS CC
D750 coupled with Nikkor 16-35mm f4 @ 22mm Aperture: f14 and Shutter Speed: 2s
ISO 100
Out front – and Hoya CPL

19 thoughts on “Murky

  1. Wonderful work, I'm fascinated and enchanted by the amazing beauty of this capture, the details are fantastic enhanced by the brightness of the sun in the morning…. the rocks lets you be admire, caressed by the soft light rays.. This is wonderful +Gerard Blacklock

  2. Gauht section of the moutain having green forest, rocky nature, it is common mountain, sudden end point makes waterfall's appear looks attractive. Nice. Thank you.

  3. Love the wide angle look. How do you generally do yours. Do you normally crop from a normal 3:2 single photograph, or do you tend to take multiple and stitch them?

  4. +Clint Burkinshaw
    I typically take multiple images and stitch, this one was 4 landscape orientation images stitched together. you could get the same view with a single cropped 14mm shot, however I prefer the less distorted view, plus if you want to print large then the multiple images means you can push it quite a bit and maintain the close viewing..
    Depending on the light I will often bracket each one, however I do try and avoid that since it adds more processing and also shooting time. With the D75 and the awesome dynamic range means I do the brackets less now..

  5. Nice one +Gerard Blacklock. Nice one. Definitely agree about multiple images achieving a larger size print while maintaining detail. Though I know a couple of people are just cropping a 3:2 photograph to a 2:1 to make the pano ratio, due to the large MP's cameras have these days. I still stitch, like you.

    Also, like you, I'm doing less and less exposure bracketing when shooting, due to the latest sensors kicking ass with dynamic range. Since I've been using the Sony A7R, I find I hardly bracket at all. Extracting detail out of both highlights and shadows is a breeze compared to my older cameras.

    Anyho – very nice shot, my friend! Definitely a loungeroom wall shot 🙂

  6. +Clint Burkinshaw
    yeah i think cropping has it's place, but your still left with distortion and that's one of the big reasons for me not doing it – a pano at 30-50mm is really nice and flat, the only further improvement, for me, would be to use a proper panoramic head, however it's a fair way down on my list of goodies 🙂
    Take it easy mate.

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