Nikkor 135mm f2.8

Ha, premo lens for a dirt cheap price, just what I love. This should hopefully compliment the 105mm f2.5 that has become oh so regular in so many locations for me. Even after the short period of use I am very much liking this 135mm f2.8, its very sharp, comparable or equal to the 105mm f2.5 and the contrast is pretty sweet as well.

Interestingly this is the Ai series, the same as the 105mm f2.5. One thing i did learn today was the difference between the Ai and Ai-s, the Ai-s lens have a small slot in the bayonet for metering or something on one of the older film cameras. For the 135mm f2.8 lens the difference between the Ai and Ai-s is two things:

1) the little slot on the bayonet mount

2) The focus throw is 180 degrees rather than 180 degrees.

This copy of the lens is in very good nick, there is little if any brassing on the bayonet and it looks substantially less used than my tructy 105mm f2.5

Enough babbling, some pictures please.

yeah yeah yeah… i know its OOF

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