Nothing quite like a Mother's love

I could add a whole spiel of words, however (and for me in most cases) a image can often speak alot better than I can type πŸ˜‰
There is something magical about the tiny grip of a child, whether it be the difference in physical size or the dependency connontations surrounding the concept, it always seems to pull at the heart strings.


10 thoughts on “Nothing quite like a Mother's love

  1. Lovely set of photos
    I remember a time when "professional" photographers didn't like photographing babies under 3 months old!!
    Because they didn't smile before that age!!

  2. +Ian Browne they may not smile under 3 months but they do (normally) sleep alot which makes for easy shots in my opinion. I wish I had more time to take more photographs since they change so very quickly!
    Thanks for the view and comment Ian.

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