Oxford Falls

underneath the radar

Sneaky Sunday session on the way home from sunrise 🙂 I have driven through this place called Oxford Falls a few times and never seen any creeks or falls, however I figured there must be some kind of falls for the place to get its name. I took a punt and went along a road with the same name thinking that would be the best bet and came across a satellite comm centre with some serious dishes out in the paddocks :), not to be deterred i kept going ..
Not much further down the road there was a creek, which I assume is Oxford creek, however the lack of any signage, or it was maybe my ability to actually notice said signage, and it was a matter of getting out and walking – after a little walk and I came across this gem of a falls, which is surely on my todo list after some substantial rain, the wide rocks and the watermarks indicates it could be really spectacular in the right conditions.

For now, I am happy with a few quite reconnaissance shots.

4 sets of bracketed images stitched together.
The bracketed set consisted of a normal exposure and a underexposure just to counteract the very bright high lights from the sun, particularly on the top right of the image.

Exif love:
D750 coupled with 24-70mm f2.8 @ 16mm Aperture: f/14 and Shutter Speed: 6s (normal exposure), 1.6s (highlights)
ISO 100
out front – Hoya CPL and Hoya ND (just to get a some extra shutter speed)


15 thoughts on “Oxford Falls

  1. I have driven around trying to find the Oxford falls. Other than the ones right at the start of that road I havent found any. Time to revisit! Nice find

  2. +Mike Hankey
    the location is now on the flickr version, seems a few want to know where it is – basically follow that road past the telstra comm centre and as you go around over a dinky little bridge park there and you walk down – its only 7.5 minute walk down 😉 . 5 minutes if you slide a bit, seriously tho, its pretty easy. I did see that main one on the way in and planned to shoot it on the way out.. but domestic duties called, next time.

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