Its been over 4 years since I last came to this spot to take some images, I did visit some time ago with the kids and family but not for serious photo taking 😉

I made it all the way to the bottom here at the falls then went to setup my pano bits and realised rather rudely that yes.. that bit i left on my desk at home was still required and that my other parts had not magically grown the ability to support my camera without it. Nonetheless, one must persevere and that I did. This shot is 7 images stitched together to form a vertical pano, it was soo wide i had to clone my toes and tripod out from the bottom of the frame near that big rock. The perspective looks a bit odd because of it, but its growing on me.

Its still pretty dry up there but given the last week of somewhat steady rain, typically a few millimetres each day the falls were at the very least flowing.

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