20 thoughts on “Perfect Frame

  1. Minnehaha is one of my favourite. I hiked it last winter after that night of snowfalls. It was gorgeous.

    +Robert Taylor​ it's on the north side of The Great Western Highway, opposite Katoomba. From Sydney, you turn right instead of left.

  2. +David Taylor
    it's about 1km each way with a few metal stairs etc, pretty easy, alot easier than say the Valley of the Waters. I got to the bottom in about 20mins but i was going hard since it was nearly sunset when I was there. I reckon that block of land would have been a great spot 🙂

  3. Hi Gerard,
    Sorry to be a pain, still trying to locate it, we spent a few days at Katoomba a couple of years back and didn't know anything about this falls. We walked down the metal stairs in the cliff face at Three sisters a few times and along the bottom to Leura where we found another falls…I take it it's not that one :-)) looks higher and narrower…wish we had known about it. 🙁

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