Pony Rides

Here is another rant from me – pony rides are great, kids who don't have access to the country and horse etc absolutely love them, its great to go to a fair or markets and be able to get a pony ride (for the kids not me:) ), now, how much should a pony ride cost ya? well, i think its probably not even the actual cost more the value for money, this particular Pony ride cost me 15 bucks , now thats a bit steep I reckon, but hey.. for a good ride and to see a smile on my girls face makes it worth while..but…and a big but..the ride lasted for a couple of minutes at best..one lap of the shed, if it had been two laps and 5 minutes, i would be hey thats cool.. but one lap sheesh man…I barely had time to snap a few shots..
Ok.. to give them the benefit of the doubt it could have been busy time or they did not have many ponies..but nope, not busy and lots of friendly ponies parked ready to roll. :-/

All that said.. they probably have public insurance which takes up $13.95 of each ride 🙁 and on the flip side its probably very expensive to run a riding school.

and..chaos did enjoy it, your worth it beautiful girl.

(ponies identity hidden to protect the innocent;) )

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