Pull the Green Apple

The SR-71A Flight Manual is a source of inspiration, over a 1000 pages of what I would refer to as more than useful stuff, unlike the Flight Manuals of today.

I also like to refer to this aircraft as the flying fuel tank, 80k lbs of fuel, basicall yeverything aft of the pilot in the fuselage is fuel…

I do like this page, where else can you get referred to ‘Pull the Green Apple’

Got love the update J58 flow diagram!

Primary Function: Strategic Reconnaissance

Contractor: Lockheed-Martin Skunkworks

Power Plant: 2 Pratt and Whitney J-58 axial-flow turbojets with afterburners

each produces 32,500 pounds of thrust

Length: 107.4 feet (32.73 m)

Height: l8.5 feet (5.63 m)

Weight: 140,000 pounds (52,250 kg) Gross takeoff weight

80,000 pounds (30,000 kg) JP-7 fuel weight

Wingspan: 55.6 feet (16.94 m)

Speed: over Mach 3.2 / 2,000 mph (3,200 kph)

Range: over 2000 miles (3200 km) unrefueled

Altitude: over 85,000 feet (26,000 m)

Unit Cost:

Crew 2

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