Quibray Bay

What seemed like a good idea, or in this case what seemed like a good spot to take a picture ended up as a not so much of a good idea or spot 🙂

Each little tree beckoned me further into the swamp that is Quibray bay, each little tree held such promise from afar but alas as I got close it did not seem so good. I did settle on this little tree, only because each step i took back resulted in me being knee deep in oyster shell filled mud. I suppose looking on the bright side it did mean, being knee deep in the mud, I had only a short way to bend down to be able to get this picture 🙂
Also the mozzies could not get my legs 'cause they were covered in mud 🙂 gerry ftw.

I do like this little part of Botany bay, it takes a little planning to be able to get out to spots like this at the right time of the day, the only access (that I know of) is via the waterline, hence if its high tide your not getting in there unless you swim or kayak. Its a shame that it appears to be the back water area for all the plastic in Botany Bay to wash but there is evidence of people actively trying to combat the massess of waste that pile up there each month – i bet they are local volunteers 🙂

10 thoughts on “Quibray Bay

  1. Stellar shot. I am just glad you were able to get free of the mud before the tide came in. Terrible to think of all the free floating plastic in our oceans. Shocking when you see it all gathered together in a place like this.

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