Located at Åndalsnes, Norway, this particular spot is 580 metres above sea level.

Apparently I was meant to take a selfie up here, since that seems to be thing to do there 🙂 however I was not gonna spoil this view with my mug – this scene pretty well sums up alot of Norways scenery, f-off huge. The walk is classified as a moderate walk but it does, for me anyways, have a few ball hugging spots, the Norwegians are not big on handrails it seems 😉


10 shot panorama, each shot in the portrait orientation
D750 coupled with Nikkor 24-70 mm f2.8 @ 24mm Aperture: f69 and Shutter Speed: 1/160s
ISO: 200
out front: no filters, just some epic landscape.

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