There has a been a whole bunch of discussion as of late regarding what is photography, specifically in regard to processing or photo manipulation – you just need to search AIPPA and the name of a famous australian landscape photographer to get the gist of whats going on.

Its been great to see these discussions and also get a insight into what people think, not to see what side people are on, if thats even possible since to have sides there must be a line, but more to understand what is the drive behind them when they generate images.

It has also been interesting from a introspective view trying to understand what I enjoy about photography and drives me to continue doing it, for me its the process of being out there and taking the image and also the interpretation of that image through the processing, from a long exposure, to panoramic to a… dare I say it.. tiny planet or whatever, whatever I can come up with 🙂 the final result, the finished image which gets dumped on social media, is but a mere 5% of the whole process and reason. That said its awesome for a having a timeline and collection of images since I could not organise or find any image on my hard drive beyond a few months 😉

so here we have a picture from Geiranger, Norway, its a wide angle panorama, using 4 frames to get the wide angle, each frame was bracketed to give 3 images, (one over exposed, one normally exposed and one under exposed) these were then automatically aligned and then manually blended (to preserve the bright areas and keep the dark areas) – is it reality? dunno, what if the mountains were tweaked to make them bigger ? everyone has a line when it comes to photography and art, simply because it might not be the same as your line does not make it right or wrong, just different – and just like opinions, this is just one 🙂

D750 coupled with Nikkor 24-70 f2.8 @ 24mm Aperture: f8
Shutter Speed: 0.8s, 1/5s and 3s
ISO: 100

8 thoughts on “Reality

  1. I am not a landscape photographer but I was always the kind of person who enjoyed hiking the wild places, so your putting the experience of seeing magnificent places above anything else is something that resonates with me very deeply. As to your processing in these incredible panoramas, I find it utterly mesmerising to view these in full screen and marvel at the rich detail, where every single tree, every little house, winding road, or mountain peak offers a wealth of detail and visual interest. Your use of manual exposure blending may well be the key to capturing the detail while maintaining a powerful sense of reality. It must take so much more work than using an HDR blending programme, but the results speak for themselves in my opinion.

  2. +Carolyn Fahm thanks – i just use the techniques I know to portray the scene I saw, i don't know that much in terms of processing, when compared to many other photographers, but the processing is part of the artform, whether it simply be the way you present (like your wonderful trip/diptychs) or whether its a full digital illustration.
    Thankyou for the comment and have a great week.

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