Redwood (Sequoia Trees)

Sequoiadendrons can be traced to the Triassic Period 200 million years ago when dinosaurs first appeared. Sequoiadendrons were the dominant tree in North America and Europe during the Jurassic Period (180 to 135 million years ago) and the Cretaceous Period (35 to 70 million years ago). Dinosaurs disappeared near the end of the Cretaceous Period but the Sequoiadendrons lived on. The planet was significantly warmer and wetter during dinosaur times and the atmosphere was much richer in carbon dioxide. The earth was more fertile for plant and animal life in those days. The proof is found in the carbon deposits of coal beds and oil fields that formed during those times. Much of the carbon that was once in the atmosphere is now locked up in coal and oil deposits and is now unavailable for plant use. The ancestors of the giant sequoias were fed and watered by a rich and thriving earth.

and do they grow big you ask? yeah they are not too shabby at 115metres! even beats the Tassie Mountain Ash (Tasmania Oak)

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