you don't buy Italian designed/made things just to serve the purpose, its about the experience of getting there, that is why you buy them 🙂 Take for example Italian cars, its not about getting from A to B, its about doing it in a particular style and stopping at A(a) A(b) and A(c) before hitting B 🙂

Italian coffee machines are no different, its about the experience, not saying the taste is bad, it just takes a bit more to get there, the La Pavoni lever handle machines are a prime example, these are absolutely awesome little machines, really they are just a glorified kettle (pressurised) however when used in the right way can make coffee second to none, conversely, get it wrong and you will wonder what Italian god you cursed 🙂 If you want a coffee with no thought and no experience you do not buy one of these, these are for the tweakers, the ones who love a challenge and love the full unadulterated control over their coffee making process. For some like me we go even further, roasting the beans as well 🙂

I have owned a second hand La Pavoni for a long time now, its an old (well really quite young given they started making them in the 60's) Europiccola (98 model) which I bought off a lady who received it as a gift but could never get a decent coffee out of it, I got it for a few hundred bucks, it was hardly used and has subsequently (and will continue to) served me well for over ten years. Another thing I love about these is the fact they have a parts catalogue which is better than some aircraft I have worked on… and.. this is the important bit, every part in the machine can be purchased, at a reasonable cost too.. every year or so i replace the seals in it and it just keeps chugging on.

Now as noted before, they are tweaky, with so many variables involved the potential to get something not quite right is very high, however with the basics (fresh beans and correct grind) covered you will just about always get something drinkable and when you get it all right simply awesome coffee.. once you have it setup, ie the right grind, regular fresh beans you will wonder how anyone can get it wrong 😉

Anyways, whilst browsing gumtree one day i noticed a late model Professional variant (with the wooden handles) advertised as not working, after having a look at the pictures it was fairly clear it had not been used very much, coming from a small office situation I figured the use was minimal, typically people see these and go 'that looks cool I want one for my trendy office/space' etc but then do not realise you actually have to put effort in to getting a good coffee – they do not make good office machines in my opinion. Anyway to cut a long story short, I thought I better rescue this machine and give it a life it deserves 🙂

I did subsequently find out once getting it home that it did have a broken part, so I visited my local distributor (Euroespresso (Caffe' EuroBlend)) , paid 8 bucks for a replacement bit and I was in business 🙂 well after giving it a quick clean and a few run thrus.Additionally, I thought a few pictures were in order so we stepped into gerrys studio, aka the kitchen 😉 don't look to hard at the reflections 😉 For those interested, these are illuminated with a torch, softbox and some white roll paper stolen from the kids art and craft box 🙂

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