RIP GermanWings

They don't fly over here so this is just some random airliner (not even of the same type) flying over my backyard the other day, none the less, lately when I hear the whine of of the turbines, I can't help but spare a thought for all those people on board the Germanwings flight 4U9525. For all those who suffered at the hands of one messed up individual, who will, as he wished, be remembered and enter into the history books with the other pilots who have taken it upon themselves to end their life in a plane and take so many others with them.

you can make all the policies you like with multiple people in the cockpit and lockable / bullet proof doors, but if you can't trust the dude/gal up front, you are screwed.

2 thoughts on “RIP GermanWings

  1. This fact really touched me, I had thought to an affliction, not to an murder. Honestly I would have preferred a different explanation on the cause of the disaster, even if it had fed doubts about the safety of flights. If I think of all those people certain to be safe… I shudder and I can not imagine how it is possible for a person can even only minimally think of causing the death of children…. is unimaginable, I am dismays and angry.

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